Drake Has Actually Been Seeing His New Girlfriend Since She Was 15 And Fans Are Really Uncomfortable

This is getting SO weird.
Drake Has Actually Been Seeing His New Girlfriend Since She Was 15 And Fans Are Really Uncomfortable

Drake definitely hasn't been Toronto's favourite person as of late, which for someone like Drake is a hard thing to achieve. After ditching two scheduled appearances in the city as well as rescheduling two of his Toronto shows, he's left a lot of fans annoyed as he continues the rest of his Scorpion tour.

Though his knack for canceling on Toronto isn't the only reason why Drake's left a sour taste in his fans' mouths

Recently it was speculated that Drake has started dating an 18-year-old model named Bella Harris. The model is the daughter of famous music producer Jimmy Jam, who has worked along icons such as Janet Jackson and Terry Lewis. It all started when Harris posted this photo onto Instagram with the caption "No place I'd rather be 💙": 

Since then, the Internet has been freaking out over the fact that the model is 13 years his junior. Though it seems the situation has gotten even sketchier since fans started digging through the model's social media accounts. 

Fans found photos of Bella and Drake dating back to 2016 at Rihanna's Anti tour backstage, meaning Bella Harris was only 15 at the time. While it's definitely presumed nothing was going on between the two because a) she was 15 b) SHE WAS 15he was with Rihanna, it's a little weird to think the pair are now possibly a thing. 

What's was drake doing with a 15 year old Bruh?? 🤔 pic.twitter.com/C4wsoi3PIn

September 16, 2018

Drake isn’t dating an 18 yr old, drake is just now making it public bc she’s legal, he WAS fucking around with that CHILD when she was 15, now watch everyone justify this with some terrible examples and move on continuing to support him. :) https://t.co/os7l4ODOcD

September 17, 2018

Since the old photos have been discovered, the public, as well as Drake's own fans, have been firing on all cylinders calling out the rapper for how weird and inappropriate the whole situation seems. Bella Harris also decided to come out and dispell rumours conveniently when Twitter found the old photos claiming her and Drake were just friends. 

While the public can only know as much as Drake and Bella want to share publicly, the whole situation feels way too sketchy. We can only hope that what many are concluding isn't the actual truth and that the pair is just really close friends, but only time will tell!