Drake Produced This New HBO Series Starring Zendaya And Here’s Everything We Know

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Drake Produced This New HBO Series Starring Zendaya And Here’s Everything We Know

When you think Drake, you think Canadian, rapper, and basketball enthusiast. You'd never think he'd be one to get himself into the television industry (besides Degrassi of course), but he has. Yesterday he was in LA attending the premiere for a new television show, starring one of our Disney Channel favorites. Drake is an executive producer on the new HBO series Euphoria. 

Zendaya Coleman is starring in the upcoming HBO series that's set to premiere on June 16th. Euphoria is about a group of high school students that deal with intense teenage situations involving drugs, sex, and social media. It's said that the show will cover controversial topics that come up in teenagers lives today. The show is being adapted from it's original, (Euphoria as well) an Israeli series. 

It was reported during casting that Drake pushed for Zendaya to be given the lead role of the series. Zendaya denied any information about the role in her casting but she did have some nice things to say about working with Drake, "I don't know if he was involved in the casting, but I will say we're lucky to have someone who believes in the show."

This series is very off-brand for Drake as well as Zendaya. Even after her start on Disney, her movie roles have been very PG; Spider Man: Homecoming and The Greatest Showman. Zendaya has told ET that she's trying to change her image, "I've been slowly kind of growing out of that phase of my life and career, but I just take steps."

Although this is a new step in both of their careers, we're sure they'll make a dynamic show with both of their backgrounds and the rest of the cast and crew.