Drake Is Facing Trial For Assault Charges And Wants To Ban Social Media From Being Used As Evidence

The world's favourite Canadian rapper is approaching the date of an assault trial next month, filed against him in June of 2016. Music producer Noel Fisher, a.k.a Detail, said that the incident took place at Drake's California home, where he was attacked by Drake's bodyguard Chubbs. Fisher claims that Chubbs broke his jaw and gave him injuries that required multiple rounds of surgery. 

At first, Drake denied having anything to do with the incident. He said that Chubbs was provoked, and was simply defending himself. But, with the trial date looming ahead, Drake is asking the judge to ban all statements made on social media and the Internet from being used as evidence. 

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Drizzy's status as a mega-famous rapper makes him a target for blogs, celebrity gossip columns and websites to spread false information about his life, leading to prejudice among the jury. 

According to Drake's attorneys, social media stories “would result only in confusing the jury and skewing their interpretations of the testimony and document presented at trial.”

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Drake's motion states that, “due to the plethora of news stories available, and after observing Detail’s inclination towards muddying the waters by introducing said news stories during the deposition of Chubbs, Drake is concerned Detail may try to introduce the same stories at trial.”

Source: Calgary Sun, The Blast