Drake Is Partnering Up With Netflix To Make Incredible TV Shows & Movies

We aren't ready.
Drake Is Partnering Up With Netflix To Make Incredible TV Shows & Movies

We all know that Drake was once upon a time an incredible Degrassi star, well-known for his depiction of WheelChair Jimmy. Ever since Drake's depart from Canadian TV, many fans have been waiting for the star to return to the screen via TV or movie. Drake's rap career has been thriving over the past several years as well as his other business endeavours like Toronto restaurant Fring's, his own whiskey line Virginia Black, and partnership with Apple Music. 

Because Drake was so paramount in the launch of Apple Music, Apple has extended their gratitude in the form of 1 billion dollars. While it isn't a full-on pay out, Apple has given Drake full control of their billion dollar budget in order for him to make 'whatever he wants' the first year they unveil TV and film projects. 

This past year, Drake helped to produce The Carter Effect a documentary style film about Raptor's star, Vince Carter. The film premiered at TIFF this year which perhaps inspired Drake to get more involved in other TV and movie projects. He hopes to get the documentary up on Netflix within the coming years. Drake also recently bought the rights to UK show Top Boy, a young-adult crime drama, which he intends to executive produce. 

Netflix aside, Drake also has 3 projects in the works with 3 different production companies: Anonymous Content, known for Mr. Robot and True Detective, film studio A24, known for Moonlight and Ex Machina, as well as a project with James Franco. As a reward for all his hard work? Drake plans on buying himself a $160,000 first-edition copy of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone as a belated birthday present to himself. You deserve it, Drizzy. 

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