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Drake Was Seen Wearing Raptors Merch Weeks After The Final Game

Is it a hint that Kawhi is going to stay in Toronto?
Drake Was Seen Wearing Raptors Merch Weeks After The Final Game

It's been a while since the Raptors won the title of NBA champions, 13 days to be exact, and no one's over it. People are still walking around showing off their Champions merchandise, talking about Game 6 with random employees at retail stores, and posting about it on their social media accounts. Those people are Drake. Drake is still supporting the Raptors by wearing their merch

In an Instagram story, he recorded himself fixing his durag while wearing his matching official Nike Kawhi Leonard shirt. He captioned the story, "just du it." 

Are we really surprised he's still sporting Raptors merch after two weeks? Drake waited a lifetime for this win and will probably spend the rest of the year promoting his team. 

Since he was last seen with the Raptors at the parade in Toronto, he's been posting photos that apparently have something to do with his new album. Although none of the photos include any more raptors merch, he did dedicate an entire photo set to the CN Tower.

He also has a lot to celebrate himself, his new song with Chris Brown has been a crowd pleaser and the show he co-produced, Euphoria, aired last week on HBO. 

Maybe him wearing Kawhi Leonard merch is a hint that the basketball player will be signing a new contract with the Toronto Raptors? We can only hope.