Drake doesn't want you to forget why he made @ChampagnePapi his Instagram handle. Recently, the rapper became the proud owner of his very own bubbly line. At Grammys parties this weekend, we fully expect Drake to be popping mad bottles from his new Mod Sélection line. Drizzy likes his fizzy. 

Drake is working with well-known wine and spirits producer Brent Hocking on his new Champagne line. So far, Mod Sélection has released Mod Réserve and Mod Rosé. The former is a white Champagne. As much as we'd like to sample Drake's new collection, we don't think our brunch budget can swing it. A single bottle retails for between $300 and $400 USD. And, to think I thought Veuve Clicquot was fancy!

We had no idea Drake had longrunning aspirations to get in the wine and spirits game, but apparently, it's something he's always wanted to do. "I’ve always loved Champagne and had a palate for luxury spirits," he told the Hollywood Reporter. Drake's partner, Hocking, commended the rapper for his involvement and said it's Drake's "passion project."

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If you do decide to spring for a bottle from Drake's new line, know that it's more than ~*just*~ alcohol. The fancy bottle comes in an even fancier box (it's suede-lined and leather). "We wanted to create something you would want to hang onto after the fact, another detail that went into creating a Champagne gift that felt truly special," Hocking said.  Because nothing says "I love you" like blowing your half of the rent on a bottle of Drake's Champagne for Valentine's Day!

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