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Drake Placed Embarrassingly Low On StubHub's Best-Selling Acts In Canada For 2018

You may not even know the band who ended up placing #1! 😳
Drake Placed Embarrassingly Low On StubHub's Best-Selling Acts In Canada For 2018

It's no secret that Canada hosts a ton of different artists throughout the year. With massive stars and their big production tours passing through the country all the time, Canadians spend a lot of money on tickets to see every spectacle. Some of the most notable this year being Drake's Aubrey & The Three Migos tour as well as Bruno Mars' 24k Magic tour. 

While Drake is one of the hottest Canadian artists right now, it seems that status doesn't necessarily translate into stunning ticket sales. Or, at least not the kind of numbers that get you to #1 on StubHub. It turns out that Drake was beat out by numerous acts when it came to StubHub's most popular Canadian concert acts, with one very unlikely band taking first place. 

The local rapper actually ended up placing 4th behind BTS, a South Korean boy band who took the top spot, and veterans in the music industry, Elton John and Paul McCartney. While Elton and Paul may not be as big of a surprise, many Canadians are pretty shocked that BTS was able to place higher than two household names and Drake considering his influence in Canada. 

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While Drake's placing definitely is lackluster, it's fair to say the Toronto rapper was going against some pretty major contenders. Especially considering Elton John's tour is actually a farewell tour, meaning this is every Canadian Elton fan's last chance to see the star live.

But, if you thought Drake's low placing had to do with him playing fewer shows, it's actually the opposite. BTS topped the chart with only 3 Canadian shows on their tour. Same goes for Elton John and Paul McCartney, who are playing 5 and 4 shows. Drake, on the other hand, boasts the highest amount of shows on the list other than Keith Urban, totaling 6 stops in Canada. 

Clearly, the list shows that Canadians are really into K-pop right now, but Drake's 4th place standing doesn't mean his shows aren't selling out. The arenas that the rapper has been taking over this summer have been crammed with fans excited to hear him perform all his hits. While Drake's stops in Canada are long gone, you can still grab tickets for other artists on the list by clicking here

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