If there is a Raptors game, then most likely, Drake is at it. And that was true for Tuesday nights game against the 76ers. Drake doesn't usually show up in head to toe Raptors gear, but this time, he wore something even better. Drake loves Canada, there's no hiding it. He pretty much made up the nickname "The 6ix", he owns a store in Mississauga, and is in Toronto whenever he can be. Drake shows off his Canadian pride with a Breaker High hoodie

If you're a Canadian from the 90s, then you 100% know what Breaker High is. It pretty much started Ryan Gosling's career, and it even though it only had one season, people still talk about it to this day. Well, Drake repped a Breaker High sweater at last nights Raptors game and all of Canada is freaking out. 

Hey Drake, where can we get this sweater? Asking for a friend. If you've sadly never heard of Breaker High, let me break it down for you. Breaker High was about a bunch of students whose school was on a cruise ship. This show was so good and so Canadian and dealt with real-life problems that teenagers go through. Might I say it was like a Degrassi knockoff, just on a boat? 

Pretty much all of Canada came together to share their love for Drake's hoodie choice. You can see some tweets below: 

Seriously though, we need a Breaker High reboot or something. It was only on the air from 1997-1998, which is not fair. It did kickstart Ryan Gosling's career, and we're forever grateful for that. Now can Drake show up in a Degrassi hoodie? Thanks!