A lot of Canadians only dream of bumping into Drake while in Ontario, but because the rapper spends so much time touring and travelling, the chances of that happening can be pretty slim. However, it seems as though Drake wants fans to know where he's hanging out so they just might be able to catch a glimpse of him! Drake was spotted in Mississauga, and this is where he's hanging out.

Back in November of 2018, Drake opened a brand new store in Mississauga's Square One Shopping Centre. Now instead of having to make the trip to Toronto, or order online, patrons of the mall can shop the OVO line in the store!

Late last night, Drake posted the above photo to Instagram. It's not exactly obvious where the photo was taken, but he helped us out by adding a location tag to let us know that he's definitely in Mississauga. The rapper doesn't have a lot of ties to the city, apart from his OVO Shop, so we're willing to bet he'll be spending time there.

Fans have also noticed his whereabouts, and they're definitely a little confused as to what he's doing in the city:

The caption on Drake's latest IG post reads, "Mum said I’m handsome life still ugly uh Trust me Said it wasn’t us when she heard us on radio But she said must be...", so some people in the comment section are suggesting he might be working on/teasing new music.

Whatever the reason for his visit is, we're not mad about it - it's always nice to see Canadian celebrities kicking back in their home country. If you want to potentially see Drake in person, be sure to pay a visit to the OVO store ASAP!