Drake Actually Filmed His New Music Video At Ontario's Blue Mountain Resort

Three cheers for local pride!
Drake War Music Video Was Filmed At Blue Mountain And Ontarians Can't Get Over It

Drake dropped a bomb on December 23, releasing his new single War. Not only did the video include a controversial Toronto personality, but it repped a prime tourist location in Ontario. It turns out the Drake War music video was partly shot at Blue Mountain Resort, and Ontarians can't get enough of that decision.

Drizzy sprung the three-minute vid on his fans as a Christmas surprise on Monday night. His latest release created an instant buzz.

While many fans focused on the music and lyrics, Torontonians couldn't help but notice the presence of Marcella Zoia, otherwise infamously known as "Chair Girl."

Her inclusion in the music video was the subject of great debate online, with some fans questioning the mogul's decision to put the young woman in his video.

For those who don't know, Zoia is notorious for throwing a chair off a high-rise balcony and down towards the Gardiner Expressway in February 2019. She has pled guilty to mischief endangering life.

However, that wasn't the only local source of interest in the video.

The winter-themed release sees Drake and crew chilling at a ski resort. Some eagle-eyed fans spotted telltale clues that the resort in question might be Ontario's famous Blue Mountain.

And the resort's public relations manager confirmed to Narcity that was indeed the case.

Narcity spoke with Blue Mountain Resort PR manager Tara Lovell, who confirmed the resort worked with Drake's team on the outdoor scenes in the video.

So, while the portions of the video featuring the interior of the chalet were not filmed on-site, all of the exterior shots including the clips on the slopes were shot on location at the resort.

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The resort near Collingwood and the surrounding village will be familiar to Ontarians as a prime family and tourist destination for year-round sports and activities.

And while Drake remains a Toronto icon, it seems his choice of filming location was a hot topic among Ontario residents on social media.

"Wow Drake really repping that Collingwood ski scene in his new video, did not see that coming..." reads one bemused fan's tweet.

"All Drake's new video is missing is a shot in one of the Collingwood village bars," read another.

We say fair play to Drake. If you're gonna film a vid on the ski slopes, it's nice to keep it local.

While this vid was filmed a while ago now, the Canadian rapper is still busy.

He was recently spotted in an Atlanta-area McDonald's, where he is thought to have been filming another video with fellow rapper Future.

For now, though, it's all about Blue Mountain.

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