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Drake Was Just Spotted With The Real Keke From "In My Feelings" (PHOTOS)

K'yanna Barber was seen with Drake yesterday.

After Drake released "In My Feelings" this summer, it had the internet scrambling to find out who the mysterious Keke from the song was. It wasn't until recently that the real Keke stood up and confirmed she was the girl Drake was singing about in his song. 

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K'yanna Barber officially stated that she is the Keke from "In My Feelings" during an interview on October 23rd. Now, less than a week later, Barber was just spotted with Drake. 

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Barber posted a picture of her hugging Drake on Instagram yesterday, on October 29th. She captioned the post, "Thank you for showing my mommy a great time, love you forever. And I never been a jawser in my life". So it looks like Keke has answered his question and said in this Instagram caption that she does loves him. 

A solo picture of Barber and Drake was also put up on Instagram by Barber's friend. She captioned it, "so y’all can get off my best friends nuts now? See y’all tomorrow famlaaaayy, thank you for showing mommy a great time. We appreciate you sm". 

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Days after "In My Feelings" was released, Drake was seen with Barber at a club in L.A. Drake has not publically confirmed who Keke is, but K'yanna Barber has announced herself that she is the real Keke. The two first met in 2016 and were rumoured to have been romantically involved. 

Fans were freaking out in the Instagram commentsTons of people were calling them cute together, while others were excited that they found the real Keke. The Instagram post has gotten over 30,000 likes and 400 comments since being posted yesterday.