A Definitive Ranking Of Drake’s Most Extra, Emotional Moments As A Raptors Fan This NBA Finals Season

Drake had some interesting reactions that kept him in the spotlight.
A Definitive Ranking Of Drake’s Most Extra, Emotional Moments As A Raptors Fan This NBA Finals Season

It seems these days you can't find a headline involving the Raptors that doesn't mention Drake at some point. In the spirit of the season being over with the Raptors hoisting their championship title, we thought we'd rank Drake's most extra moments during the NBA finals from least to most extra. From his courtside dramatics to his online antics, Drake is the definition of excessive, but we wouldn't have it any other way. So what are Drake's best moments as a Raptors fan during the NBA finals this year? You're about to find out. 

Regardless of the fact that the Canadian rapper isn't a player on the court, he's been a big part of the NBA playoffs that ended with the Raptors making history.

Of course, that history was made with what many might claim was "extreme" but Canadians would like to call "passionate" cheering on the sidelines along the way.  

10. His "excessive" play-by-play reactions while sittingstanding courtside throughout the playoffs. 

Drake's reactions routinely caused controversy – but if anything, he actually served as a representation of Toronto, and even the rest of Canada's emotions during the whirlwind playoffs, finals and eventually, the championship! 

9. His extra AF embroidered jacket. 

Naturally, Drake's Raptors merch got upgraded, thanks to the new championship title that the team now sports. Considering the large size of the design, we're sure even people from a few blocks away will be able to know that the Raptors are champions!

8. Getting his private jet, "Air Drake" to fly over the celebrations across Toronto. 

Drake made sure it wasn't just him pulling up to the Raptors' celebrations, by spending $70,000 so that his new jet, dubbed "Air Drake", could fly in the air on the big day. 

7. Dropping new music in celebration of the Raptor's win. 

Obviously, what else would fans expect from Drake? He released two new songs just in time for the summer and it was exactly what Raptor's fans needed to celebrate the big win. 

6. His Oscar award-winning reaction to Klay Thompson's injury. 

Move over, Meryl Streep. 

[rebelmouse-image 25937899 photo_credit="6ixbuzztv | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="1598x1186"]

5. Calling out fans who were taking their heckling too far. 

After Durant's injury, footage of Raptor's fans who were taking heckling too far began to surface, and Drake took the liberty of making sure they knew he thought it was in bad taste. While the rapper might be down for a celebration, that's only if it's done fairly!

4. Being a physical representation of Toronto's mood after Raptors lost Game 5 against the Warriors. 

The loss of Game 5 was rough, but if there was one thing that did lighten fans' spirits, it was Drake's extreme reaction to the loss. 

3. His extra AF performance of the national anthem

Naturally, since Drake is a performer, it's no surprise that he would go all out while singing the national anthem, but he really did deliver a performance, to say the least. 

2. Channeling a concerned mother when he reacted to Durant's injury in Game 5. 

While some Raptor's fans were getting heat for their insensitive reactions to Durant's season-ending injury, Drake clearly was upset over the situation and Durant's health. The only way you can describe the footage of his reaction would be to the tune of a heartbroken mother. 

1. His speech at Nathan Phillips Square during the championship celebration. 

It's easy to pick Drake's speech during the celebration ceremony as the highlight of his antics this playoff season. After congratulating the team, Drake told the crowd to treasure the moment, take a few photos, but more importantly hug a stranger and enjoy the victory in real time. What better way is there to end a season than with that?