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Drake Showed Off The Toronto House He Grew Up In & Says It All "Makes Sense Now"

No one could have predicted how relevant Drake's line "started from the body now we're here" would be in 2019, but here we are almost seven years later, basically witnessing Drake live his own song. Not only did he give us a peek into his newly renovated Toronto mansion this week, but he also took us back to where it all started for him. Drake's childhood Toronto home has so much meaning and he just realized it. 

While yesterday's Instagram story house tour included a completely marble kitchen and a living room bigger than most of us can imagine, his post on Instagram today was the exact opposite. 

Drake's childhood was similar to a lot of kids in Toronto, and he just proved that even further by showing us the apartment building he lived in with his mom. 

He captioned the post, "Used to live in one of the units in this house with my mom. Address makes sense now. 👌🏽"

The three photos show him performing his signature posed around different areas of the property. 

The basic brick building didn't have an NBA sized basketball court or a 10 car garage but it did include something that seemed to catch Drake off guard. 

The address on the apartment unit was "6" a number Drake has become notorious for over the years. 

Not only is that number a nickname for the whole of Toronto now, but it helped him form an album, merch line and basically shaped his career. 

Drake himself is even realizing how far he's come this last decade, he posted a meme about it! Maybe that's why he decided to take a trip down memory lane.

From his small forest hill to his $6.7 million dollar home, Drake has always loved the city of Toronto and it shows. 

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