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Drake Gave Probably The Funniest Shoutout Ever To His "Degrassi" Days On Instagram

If you see Drake crying in the club, this is why.
Drake Gave Probably The Funniest Shoutout Ever To His "Degrassi" Days On Instagram

We've all been there. You're out at your favourite club or bar with friends, drinking, dancing, and just generally having the time of your life. Everything's going great until you get a random flashback, that is. Maybe you remember that you have an assignment you haven't touched due in 24 hours, or that come Monday morning, you'll be back at your desk working 9-5. As it turns out, celebrities experience these moments too! Drake's Degrassi flashbacks Instagram post has other celebrities dying.

Before Drake became the rapper that we all know and love, he got his start playing Jimmy on the hit Canadian teen drama series Degrassi. A lot of the rapper's superfans already know this, but if you've just hopped on the bandwagon in recent years, you may be surprised to find out that he's got some serious acting chops.

Although it's been years since he attended Degrassi High, those days long ago still stick with Drake, especially when he's at the club, apparently. Late last night, Drizzy took to Instagram to post a hilarious meme about him seeing Degrassi scripts while drunk at the club.

The rapper posted the above photo in a slideshow alongside a photo of him, several years younger, prepping to take on the role of Jimmy while reading some scripts. The photo is captioned, "Sometimes when I am drunk and bored in the club I stare down and see degrassi rap 🧢".

The photo comparison is seriously hilarious, and a few of his former co-stars like Lauren Collins and Cassie Steele left comments saying that they can also relate to Drake's struggle.

He may not be doing much acting himself anymore, but Drake has happily taken on the role of executive producer for shows like HBO's Euphoria, as well as Netflix's Top Boy, which premiered on the streaming service today.