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Drake's Friends Don't Believe He's The Father To Sophie Brussaux's Baby And Here's Why

Earlier this week, a bomb was dropped on Canada's favourite rapper, Drake. When Drake and Pusha T got into a fiery feud, Pusha T called out Drake in a diss track for secretly fathering a baby. 

Ever since, there have been multiple reports about Drake fathering the baby of Sophie Brussaux, an ex-adult entertainer. At first, these were all rumours but yesterday, we learned that Drake has been reportedly helping his alleged baby's mother for months

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Fans were seriously convinced that Drake is actually the father of Brussaux's baby. 

Now, we've learned that Drake's closest friends are not entirely convinced that the baby is actually his and here's why.

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So even though Drake has been allegedly supporting this baby, Adonis and his mother, Sophie, it's rumoured that Drake hasn't actually done an official DNA test. This means that even Drake isn't sure if he's the real father. 

According to TMZ, two of Drake's friends claim that the baby looks absolutely nothing like Drake... which makes them believe he's not actually the father. The baby allegedly has blonde hair and blue eyes.

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Brussaux has dark hair and dark eyes, so it's hard to believe that Drake's DNA would result in a baby with blonde hair and blue eyes - which are both features that Drake clearly doesn't possess. 

We're not convinced that Drake is actually the father of this baby. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!