Drake Just Reminded Us All How Rich He Is With This Subtle Instagram Post

We see you, Champagne Papi!
Drake Just Reminded Us All How Rich He Is With This Subtle Instagram Post

Whether they do it on purpose or not, a lot of celebrities are really good at flexing just how much money they have on social media. Some do it by going on luxurious, tropical vacations on a weekly basis. Others do it by tagging every single item of brand name clothing they wear, just to let you know how expensive they are. Drake's indoor basketball court just reminded us all how rich he is.

If you watched the 2019 NBA Championships, then you definitely saw a certain Aubrey Drake Graham taking on the role of the Raptors #1 hypeman. The rapper showed his love for his hometown, and basketball in general, by cheering on Kawhi Leonard & Co. on the court all through playoffs.

As it turns out, Drizzy enjoys more than just watching the sport - he likes to play too. Back in 2015, Drake bought $6.7 million worth of property in Toronto's Bridle Path neighbourhood.

After tearing down the mansion that was formerly there, he's spent the last few years building an astounding 35,000 square foot mansion of his own. Complete with an indoor OVO basketball court, of course.

Yesterday, July 14, Drake took to Instagram with perhaps the most subtle flex of all time. He posted two videos: the first is an overhead view of his new basketball court from the skylight above, and the second is of the rapper himself, nailing a shot from the sidelines above.

If there ever was a way to casually let people know that you're basically rolling in money, this is it. Forbes magazine recently announced their list of 2019's highest earners , and Drake obviously made the list, coming in at a cool $90 million.

Although he has yet to officially move into his new mansion, it looks like it'll be up and running for him and anyone who's down to challenge Drizzy to a quick game of ball soon.