Most Canadians remember Drake's rise to fame in the music industry as one of bliss with radio's playing Best I Ever Had on repeat. The truth is, Drake's beginnings in the rap world were messy and full of controversy. That is until now. Drake's music lawsuit was finally dropped after two years

In 2017, Aspire Music Group filed a lawsuit against Cash Money Records and Young Money Entertainment over unpaid music royalties. Drake had been signed to the two companies back in 2008 and these are where those royalties supposedly came from. 

In response to being served, Cash Money and Young Money both clapped-back with counter lawsuits against Aspire Music Group. As of July 26th, The Blast reported that all lawsuits have been dropped on both sides. It took two years for anything to be resolved and in the end, neither party walked away with a win. 

This isn't the first time Cash Money has been sued by one of their artists. Lil Wayne (who founded Young Money Entertainment) was also in a court battle with Cash Money Records after he wasn't receiving the royalties he was entitled to. 

Although this court case took years to end unresolved, Drake doesn't seem to have suffered from it in any way. I mean he got a private jet for free and built an entire basketball court in his mansion. We think he's doing just fine.