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There's Been Nothing But Love Shown For Drake's New Netflix Canada Show "Top Boy"

It looks like Drake can produce nothing but hits both in the music and television industry. In the last few months, he broke records on the Billboard charts that previously belonged to the Beatles and the first season of his HBO show Euphoria starring Zendaya was a huge success. Netflix just premiered his newest project, Top Boy, and he's getting nothing but praise for the rebooted show. Top Boy is now streaming on Netflix!

The show previously aired from 2011-2013 in the UK, but Drake bought the rights to the crime drama in 2017 and became an executive producer. He approached Netflix with the idea right after buying the rights.

The new Netflix release follows well-established drug dealers who hit the streets of London again, only to have their reputation threated by a new generation. 

The show started streaming on September 13 and is getting nothing but praise. Especially for how it manages to deal with huge societal problems in a realistic and proper way. One fan of the show praises how it goes beyond "gang culture" and deals with, "wider issues within our society." 

Another fan gave the series a 10/10 and praised the writing for dealing with "mental illnesses, refugees, racism and more subjects." 

This twitter user made a whole list telling us what she loved about Top Boy including how it deals with, "the honest and complex takes on boyhood/brotherhood." 

Tackling societal norms and issues seems to be a theme in Drake's new shows, considering Euphoria also deals with raw topics surrounding the life of teens. 

You can check out the first season of the Top Boy revival on Netflix.

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