Drake's New Music May Have Just Confirmed His Long Time Feud With The Weeknd

The 6six means brotherhood.
Drake's New Music May Have Just Confirmed His Long Time Feud With The Weeknd

After a relatively quiet year music-wise, Drake surprised his hometown of Toronto last week with a surprise performance at DaBaby's show. It was there that he revealed his sixth album was being worked on and planned for a 2020 release. While he didn't perform any music fans hadn't already heard, snippets of two songs off of his upcoming album were revealed this week, and one happens to allude to a fellow Toronto artist. Drake's new music mentioned The Weeknd and gave us an update on how they feel about one another after a year in tension. 

The rumours of a feud between the two Toronto artists began to spark back in 2017 when Bella Hadid dated both of them in the span of two years. 

Then in January of 2019, The Weeknd released music that caused talk of tension amongst fans. The Weeknd went from saying, "if it wasn’t for the light he [Drake] shined on me, who knows where I’d be" to apparently subliminally mentioning Drake hiding the existence of his son in his music. 

The lyrics to his song "Lost in the Fire" read, "And I just want a baby with the right one/’Cause I could never be the one to hide one." 

While all these events only added to the rumours, fans never got a real confirmation, but Drake may have just given listeners a hint at what exactly went down.

A podcast called Shoot the Messenger recently released a snippet of an unnamed track that sounds as if it was being performed by Drake live in a club

In the song you hear Drake rap the words, “OVOXO link up… the boy that sound like he sang on Thriller, you know that’s been my n*gga, yeah, we just had to fix things, family, 6ix tings, we can’t split up."

OVOXO is the name created by Drake and The Weeknd in reference to their collabs together. 

If this is confirmation of their feud, it looks like the two of them have patched things up. 

Another sneak peek of an upcoming song was also released earlier this week titled, "Organisation."

You can listen to the teaser of both tracks below. 

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