Drake’s Record-Breaking Album “Scorpion” Wasn’t Nominated For A Single Juno This Year

This is the second time the Toronto rapper hasn't submitted his work for Juno consideration.
Drake’s Record-Breaking Album “Scorpion” Wasn’t Nominated For A Single Juno This Year

Whether you are a fan of Drake or not, it's impossible to deny that the Toronto rapper's latest album "Scorpion" was one of the hottest albums of 2018. The album dominated the charts for months and helped Drake in not only taking over the globe but also in beating records held by icons such as The Beatles. With all of that success, you would think that submitting "Scorpion" for as many award shows as possible would be on Drake's agenda. Instead, Drake decided for the second year in a row to opt out of submitting his work for Juno consideration

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Though before you get angry, Drake's decision to ignore the Juno's isn't unwarranted like his other Canadian-related faults that occurred over the year. In fact, the rapper has been routinely snubbed by the award show which many are assuming is started his mini-protest on the award show. The lack of submissions on Drake's end began when he opted to not submit his mixtape "More Life" back in 2017. 

It doesn't take long to see just how much Drake has been snubbed regardless of being one of the biggest acts to come out of Canada since artists like Justin Bieber or Shania Twain. Even with his massive success and popularity in Canada, you'll have to scroll all the way down to 40th place to see the star on the Juno's list.

With only seven wins to account for out of his thirty-three nominations, it's clear Drake is probably tired of being snubbed. What also probably didn't help was when Drake hosted the 2011 Juno Awards, he didn't take home a single one, despite having six nominations.

According to Dalton Higgins, author of "Far From over: The Music and Life of Drake," Drake's camp was not impressed considering it was "the first time in the 40 year history of the awards that a musician who agreed to host the show and had nominated music didn't win at least one award." 

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That awkward situation in addition to the fact that Drake has never taken home any of the top three awards (Artist of the Year, Single of the Year, Album of the Year), make it a lot easier to understand the rapper's actions. 

When reached by CBC News, the CEO of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts, Allan Reid, said: "it's unfortunate he chose not to submit, and hopefully, he will come back at some point." 

While it's not clear why the Juno's have chosen to snub Drake time and time again, it doesn't seem like it will be happening anymore if Drake continues to opt out of submitting his work. Considering his past with the award show and much bigger awards on the horizon for the artist, who knows, he may never submit to the Canadian award show ever again. 

Source:CBC News