Drake's efforts to team up with Netflix to resurrect the once cancelled British show Top Boy, seems to have paid off. The show hit the streaming service earlier this year to a more than welcoming worldwide audience. Now after a successful comeback third season Drake's Top Boy on Netflix Canada was renewed for a fourth season. 

While there hasn't been a formal announcement from the showrunner or Netflix themselves, Ashley Walters, who acts as Dushane in the series, had some words to share with fans. 

He spoke to Metro and confirmed that a fourth season is looking "promising." 

He even gave away that part of the fourth season has already been written, "We've already been working out storylines and writing so it's looking good. Obviously, I won't give anything away but it's looking dope and we're all looking forward to going again with the show." 

Walters did bring along with him some bad news though. Although the show is almost guaranteed a fourth season, it won't be available to fans for quite a while. 

But fans of Top Boy waited six years between season two and three. If anything they've proved long hiatus' don't turn them away

He then turned the tables and discussed the probability of ever having Drake be featured in an acting role. 

While Walters admitted he wouldn't mind sharing the screen with Drake he did think that "he’s so powerful as Drake, it would be a difficult task for viewers to see him as anything else. That would be down to really good writing and acting." 

Whether or not Drake stays behind the camera or hops in front, this show is a big one for Netflix that wouldn't have been possible without Drake's interference. 

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