The party is continuing for the 6ix God. With Ontario's newly announced state of emergency, Drake’s Toronto mansion is proving to be where all the fun is. While sharing that he’s following social distancing protocol, Drake’s also been sharing his not-so-normal at-home activities.

It was first announced a few months back that Drake’s $6.7 million dollar home included an NBA-regulated court which is especially coming in handy now.

He shared a video on his Instagram this past Monday of himself spending some time shooting hoops. He captioned the video, “My life for the next however long.” Since community locations have been forced to close down in the wake of COVID-19, this isn’t the reality for other Canadians.

The “God’s Plan” singer also posted a series of videos getting his hair trimmed. He documented his struggle with Scarborough barber JMac from Get Faded Inc., while he hilariously was scolded for not being able to stay still through the process.

Despite the worldwide state, Drake is still celebrating milestones in his career. He recently broke the record for most Billboard 100 hits with his song “Oprah’s Bank Account.”

To commemorate his new accomplishment, he created a video alongside Toronto content creator Voidz. It included popping a champagne bottle while money and other champagne bottles soared around him.

According to Billboard, this marked Drake’s 208th hit on the Hot 100. It debuted at number 89 with 10.5 million streams in just the U.S. in its first week.

This new accomplishment comes after surpassing the Glee Cast's 207 Billboard hits.

Voidz also managed to make Drake’s social distancing snacking look epic. While the artist chowed down on some chips and dip, he manipulated the video to have dozens of other chips floating around him.

Drake’s social distancing looks a lot different from the rest of the city's efforts, but it may be reassuring to know that he’s promoting current government protocol.