It seems like Vancouver produces some pretty charming men as it's the hometown to both Ryan Reynolds and the Property Brothers. That means there are some pretty lucky ladies who get to spend their lives with hunky celebrities. Drew and Jonathan Scott aren't shy about sharing their love for their girlfriend and wife and it's adorable.

The 41-year-olds are about to launch the first issue of their magazine Reveal, which will be about renovation and home decor similar to the style in their many TV shows.

They'll be featured on the cover of the January 20 issue of People who interviewed the brothers about their business and personal lives. When asked about their relationships, they both gushed about their women.

Drew married Linda Phan in 2018 and she's now the creative director of Scott Brothers Entertainment. They've been featured on two shows together: Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House and TLC's Drew and Linda Say I Do. They're also about to launch a podcast called At Home with Linda and Drew Scott.

Jonathan has been with actress Zooey Deschanel since September 2019 and the two have quickly hit big milestones together. They share tons of snaps from their adorable date nights and even started off the new decade with loving Instagram posts

In the video with People, Jonathan could not stop talking about his love for Deschanel.

"There was chemistry right away and we just literally make each other laugh non stop," Jonathan said. "I have never been in a relationship where my partner is as romantic if not even more romantic than I am."

Drew added, "Linda and I have noticed that they connect on an intellectual level as well which is great...we love the idea of having that in our lives because our older brother just got married, now Jonathan's in a great relationship."

The two shared that the first double date they went on together with Deschanel and Phan was "dinner, escape room, karaoke".

Jonathan admitted that the first time his new girlfriend met his older brother, parents, and entire family was at J.D.'s wedding with Annalee Belle on October 31. 

Deschanel dressed as Catwoman with Jonathan changing from his groomsmen outfit into a Batman suit later on.

If your heart isn't melted yet, Jonathan added, "it's very important for me that the person that I'm in love with also gets the approval of my whole family...and absolutely everybody has clicked with Zooey."

The two attended the Golden Globes over the weekend after their red carpet debut in November at the Critics' Choice Documentary Awards. 

As for Drew, he said that he and Phan are excited to start having children. 

He said, "anytime I think is the right time to start a family especially for us, I don't want to keep delaying obviously the clock's ticking as well so we want to make sure that we have kids while we're young enough to still get out and do stuff with them."

Drew continued, "Linda's going to be an amazing mom and I hope I'll be a great dad, I know I want to. So very soon you'll see us announcing to the world!"

It seems like there is lots in store for the very successful brother duo.

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