There's A Drive-In Movie Theater In South Carolina That's Showing The Newest Flicks

Good times and safe distancing.
Drive-In Theatre In South Carolina Is A Perfect Social Distancing Spot

It might have been years since you've gone to a drive-in, so now is the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and experience one. This drive-in theatre in South Carolina is still open and operating during this time. Hop in the car, grab some snacks and head over to Beaufort for a night out. 

The Highway 21 Drive-In in Beaufort, South Carolina is still showing movies and is the perfect spot to have an adventure outside of your house. 

Drive-in movie theatres began popping up in the 1960s and became super popular. Today, there aren't that many left in the US, so they're great for the nostalgic vibes.

Usually, the poles where you park are reserved for two cars. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, this has been decreased to one car per spot to make sure social distancing is in place. 

Highway 21 is now open on the weekdays instead of just the weekends, so you and your friends can park next to each other and enjoy a movie in a safe environment. 

There are two fields that show double-features every night (except for Sunday). This week, one field is playing Onward and Sonic The Hedgehog, while the other field is playing Bloodshot and Bad Boys For Life.

The gates open at 6:00 p.m. and the first feature starts at 8:00 p.m. Getting there as soon as the gates open is key if you want a great spot to watch the films.

Since the concessions are closed, you're more than welcome to bring in your own food. Ordering curbside from a restaurant before you head to the movie might be the move to make. 

Admissions to the movie are $7, so this is a cheap movie date that's not on your couch.

The drive-in relies on concession sales to keep afloat and with it being closed, they're asking for a $5 donation if you're able to give.

Highway 21 Drive-In

Price: $7 (+ $5 donation)

Address: 55 Parker Dr., Beaufort, SC

Why You Need To Go: You can watch the newest movies while practicing social distancing and getting out of the house.