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Dungeons & Dragons Joke On The Government Of Canada Website Is So Hilarious

You might not typically associate a government worker with a fun prankster, but there's definitely something going on at the Government of Canada. Right now, there's a Dungeons & Dragons joke on the Government Of Canada website and it's seriously hilarious. Anyone who's even a tiny bit nerdy will love this error message.

The error message reads, "We're sorry you were redirected here. It seems that the wizard is up to no good again and causing issues in the system,"

Immediately, you can tell something is up. Who is the wizard? The error message continues, giving you actionable tips as to the next steps.

The first step that they suggest you take is to try to "cast a level 10 fireball to defeat the wizard"

The next steps are far less magical and they suggest to click on the browser's back button or return to the welcome page.

The Government of Canada website content has been super hilarious lately. They recently had a job posting for a Harry Potter wizard that got a lot of attention.

One thing that stands out is the bolded text that says (ability not available) right after they suggest that you cast a spell. Is there a secret dungeons and dragons game you can unlock on the government of Canada website?

[rebelmouse-image 25961250 photo_credit="Screenshot | Government of Canada" expand=1 original_size="1030x363"]

You can try to get this hilarious error message yourself by mucking around on the URLs on the Government of Canada website.

from canada

The glitch appeared on a Reddit thread when a Redditor noticed a D&D reference on their Error 404 message on the Government of Canada website.

Even if you're not super familiar with role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, anyone who has watched the TV show Stranger Things has seen first hand a glimpse into what that world is like.

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