Somebody new has joined social media and while that probably happens every day, what this new account is for definitely makes this a special addition. The Dunkaroos Instagram account mysteriously appeared after the product left Canada two years ago. Could this mean the delicious snack is making a comeback? 

Out of the blue this week, the delicious-dunking snack of our childhood quietly joined social media and turned heads with such a simple Instagram post. 

The photo: that sweet white frosting.

The caption: 👀.

If you've ever had the cookie combo treat, you know just how good it was and you might be missing it since it stopped being sold in Canada two years ago.

The account has been steadily gaining followers since it posted the photo and it's already verified so you know this isn't just someone reminiscing about their favourite snack from elementary school.

Even Joe Jonas is hyped about this, commenting a heart eyes emoji on the Instagram post.

He's not the only one who's excited about the snack possibly making a comeback.

"Shut up I’m gonna lose it," one person commented.

Another person said, "we need this!!!!!"

A Dunkaroos Twitter account was also made and that's already verified too.

To get verified you just need to request it and if your account is deemed authentic, unique, complete and notable on Instagram or if you can prove why you should be verified on Twitter then you're in.

The bios on both verified pages are simply: 👀.

We're eyeing it right back.

Narcity has reached out to General Mills, the company which manufactures the snacks, and will update this piece when we receive a response.

However, while they haven't confirmed whether or not the classic lunchtime snack is coming back, people are still excited about the possibility of having those tasty treats again.

The snack food was launched back in the '90s from Betty Crocker, one of General Mills' brands, and packages came with cookies and icing made for dunking. 

If they do come back but aren't sold in Canada, it'll make for a role reversal of when Americans had to come here to buy the delicious snacks after production stopped there in 2012.

General Mills even started a Smugglaroos campaign to encourage Canadians to bring them across the border to their U.S. neighbours.

However, that all ended when the product left Canada in 2018, although no reason has been given as to why.

If Dunkaroos live to see the light of day once again, it'll be a great day for us all.