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Durex Is Now Recalling Their Condoms Across Canada

Durex Canada has issued a nationwide product recall of certain condom products.
Durex Is Now Recalling Their Condoms Across Canada

Canadians should be aware that Durex is now recalling some of their condoms across Canada. The company just announced the nationwide product recall on their website

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RB Health (Canada) Inc., the owner of Durex, is currently recalling batches of Durex Real Feel® Extra Lubricated 10ct condoms and Durex Real Feel® 20ct condoms because they failed shelf-life durability tests. 

Those are the only products affected by the product recall in Canada, so if you use other Durex products, you can rest assured that they have not been deemed faulty by the company. 

"The safety of our consumers always comes first, and this is reflected in our rigorous quality standards. We recently found that specific batches of Durex Real Feel® Extra Lubricated 10ct condoms and Durex Real Feel ® 20ct condoms are not passing our stringent shelf-life durability tests," announced Durex in the news statement on their website

The company added, "There is no immediate safety concern for consumers and only specific batches are affected. We are working closely with the Health Canada and have decided to recall affected batches". 

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Durex is recalling a specific batch of their products – Durex Real Feel® Extra Lubricated 10ct condoms (UPC 0 67981 98715 7) & Durex Real Feel® 20ct condoms (UPC 0 67981 97177 4) with the following batch number:

  • 1000443254 (Durex Real Feel® Extra Lubricated 10ct condoms (UPC 0 67981 98715 7)
  • 1000356816: (Durex Real Feel® 20ct condoms (UPC 0 67981 97177 4)

So if you have this Durex product, what should you do? Check to see if your batch number matches the one above – you can find batch numbers on the bottom of the pack and on the foil wrapping of individual condoms. 

If you have recently used this product, Durex said that "there is no reason to be worried" because "these Durex non-latex Real Feel® condoms are deemed safe when used as directed".

However, they are asking everyone to return unused products of the affected batch. "Please return all unused products and we will happily either give you a full refund for the original pack, or some alternative products of at least the same value," wrote Durex on their website. 

To find out more about this product recall, you can visit the Durex website.  

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