Another Fake Hoax Had Twitter Users Thinking Dwayne Johnson Died Today

He hasn't yet responded to the incredibly cruel joke
Another Fake Hoax Had Twitter Users Thinking Dwayne Johnson Died Today

You might've gotten a scare recently when you went on social media and saw news of Dwayne Johnson's death. But rest assured that the 47-year-old is alive and well and is just a victim of another fake hoax. This is the third time Johnson's death has been faked, and it's unclear where the hoaxes are coming from. Even though it recently got debunked, Dwayne Johnson's death hoax had Twitter users scared that the world lost an iconic entertainer. 

The hoax supposedly started on Facebook and was created to look like it came from BBC News. 

The post features a large black and white headshot of Johnson beside the words "R.I.P Dwayne Johnson 1972-2019". And the headline under it says, ".BBCNEWS: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Dies at 47 After a Terrible Stunt Attempt Failed. | BBC News".

One quick glance at the headline and photo might look convincing as it mimics what a typical post looks like. 

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of what they saw two days ago asking others, "Why am I seeing that @TheRock is dead ?!? I hope not can someone confirm this man is still breathing ???"

Luckily, another very keen-eyed user was quick to point out that the link the post came from had a small error. They wrote, "It’s fake on the link. Look at the way broadcast is spelt. With a 0 instead of an O".

Most people responded to the original user to let them know that it's a debunked hoax.

But still, other people on Twitter were fooled and sent out their condolences to the Jumanji actor. 

Tweets include just "Rip Dwayne Johnson", "@TheRock #RIP", and "RIP @TheRock You will be missed #RIP #TheRock #Rock @THR".

Some were even in disbelief about it. One person wrote, "@TheRock can't believe you passed away. RIP brother. #DwayneJohnson #RIP #TheRock".

The tweets started as early as November 13 and are still being posted today. 

But Johnson has completely ignored them and has been posting like normal on social media.

On Instagram yesterday, he announced that he is going to star in the 2021 film, Black Adam, as the lead character.

And today on Twitter, he responded to a hilarious video that a Lin-Manuel Miranda fan account posted of the two men singing along to You're Welcome from the movie, Moana. 

Johnson's first death hoax came in 2011 and according to Metro, he actually responded to it on Facebook, saying, "Rumours of my death are false – I’m still "Bringin' It" 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – including leap year!"

And Metro reported that in 2014 he fell victim again, and the fake reports said that he died while performing a stunt in New Zealand. 

Since Johnson does perform a lot of his own stunts and is known for his rigorous action films, a failed stunt isn't too unbelievable.

But it is very cruel to fake his death to his millions of fans and makes us wonder who on earth would want anything bad to happen to the incredibly talented Dwayne Johnson.

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