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Dwayne Johnson Sent A Heartwarming Message To A Little Boy & It Made His Day (VIDEO)

A little bit of joy as we enter the holiday season!

Dwayne Johnson has been recognized as one of the nicest people in Hollywood for years, and there are little things he does that reminds us why he has that title. Not only is he an incredibly successful actor, but he also has a heart of gold that's so admirable. Dwayne Johnson's Instagram video to a little boy is so touching that it made the boy's day and just might make yours too. 

Johnson posted the video yesterday and it has already accumulated 4.5 million views and thousands of comments.

Johnson addresses a little boy named Hyrum Harris, who has "acute lymphoblastic leukemia which is complicated by Down Syndrome", according to the caption.

Johnson started off by telling viewers that "this little boy is in the fight of his life."

He then speaks directly to Hyrum and says, "I heard that you love a movie called Moana, which is crazy because I love that movie too. And I also heard that you watch Moana almost 10 times a day because the character you love, Maui, gives you strength." 

Johnson finishes the video by singing a bit of You're Welcome from the film. 

And he accompanied it with a lengthy caption as well. In part of it he wrote, "Hyrum, I know I’m a complete stranger to you - who sounds a lot like your hero, MAUI (only with a very large head), but myself along with millions of other strangers who will watch this video are sending you so much love, strength and mana your way. I STRONG. Love, the Rock aka the dude who sounds a lot like Maui."

Tons of fans and other celebrities left comments of love and support including fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds who wrote, "This is the good work, D." with a heart emoji. 

Shortly after posting the video, Johnson shared a screenshot of a heartfelt response thanking him for the time and effort he put into making Hyrum's day.

The person who wrote it seems to be a close friend of Hyrum's mother and wrote, "April said Hyrum watched it and laughed out loud at The Rock's head, and every time Dwayne said Hyrum's name pointed to himself and giggled".

In their note, they also wrote, "joy and hope costs nothing, and yet is the most powerful gift."

And in response to that, Johnson wrote in the caption, "Thank you to the person who wrote this beautiful note. You’re absolutely right - joy and hope cost nothing and yet, is the most powerful gift we can give. That's the real magic to life."

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