Dwayne Johnson Told His Mom To "Be Cool" In An Adorable Birthday Greeting (VIDEO)

What a lucky lady!
Dwayne Johnson's Mom Got A Sweet & Funny Birthday Message From Her Son

Dwayne Johnson may be a busy man, considering how many movies he stars in and how much work he does behind the scenes. However, that doesn't mean that he would ever forget something as important as a family member's birthday. So, Dwayne Johnson's mom got quite the sweet birthday message from her super famous son.

In an October 26 Instagram post, Johnson walks down a hallway singing "Happy Birthday" before arriving by his mother's side, both of them all smiles.

"Happy birthday mom, from your one and only chi- I think I'm your only child," Johnson says, getting a laugh from his mom. "I'm kidding, happy birthday!"

It's a sweet video showing the love a son has for his mom, but the caption included with the post makes the whole thing a lot sweeter, more heartfelt, and definitely funnier.

"Happy 71st Birthday to [the] best mom this lucky dude could ever be blessed with," Johnson writes. "Our family is so grateful you were born and for being such a high quality example to our baby girls."

Now that's a really sweet message, although it wouldn't be complete without a little bit of gentle ribbing, especially since that seems to be Johnson's style so much of the time!

"Now go enjoy your birthday weekend in Vegas," Johnson continues, "and remember everyone has cell phones at the Magic Mike show, so be cool - the internet is forever 😂🕺🏽😈🤦🏽‍♂️"

It seems like Johnson is expecting his mom to get up to some kind of shenanigans during the live Magic Mike show in Las Vegas (but really, who could blame her if she did?). 

The Instagram post is yet another example of Dwayne Johnson's kindness and commitment to family. After all, he was already voted the coolest dad in the world, and after getting married just this year, maybe he can also be voted the coolest husband!

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