Eaglets Are Hatching Right Now In Florida & You Can Watch It Happen Live

You can watch it happen in real-time right now!
Eagles In Florida Have Two Hatching Eggs That You Can Watch Happen Live

One thing most everyone can agree on: the baby versions of animals are easily the most adorable, even baby birds. A couple of eagles in Florida are nesting right now, and we can actually watch their eggs hatch in real-time!

As of publication, the eagle mother-to-be sits atop her little peepers, getting them ready to raise their beaks for the first time to the Sunshine State sky. The babies gave their first pips this morning at 8:35 a.m., indicating that they will be fully hatched super soon.

The pair of Southwest Florida Eagles who made these coming babies go by the names Harriet and M15. They made a connection in the fall of 2015, with the two flying into each other's wings after Harriet's first mate Ozzie passed earlier that Fall season and they have been inseparable ever since.

The bonded pair are about to become parents once more, with two eggs currently incubating in their cozy little nest located in North Fort Myers on a piece of private property owned by Dick Prichett Real Estate.

Multiple non-invasive and environmentally friendly cameras situated near the nest give us the closest look at these majestic birds of flight from different angles, blessing us with a chance to experience one of the most beautiful miracles of nature first hand: new life.

The interactive 360 cam below lets you sit in the treetops with the beautiful birds, getting a sky-high view of the landscape surrounding the nest as Harriet snuggles her eggs in anticipation.

Now we just play the waiting game: when will these eggies hatch? According to the timer, egg 1 is expected to hatch in approximately one day and seven hours from now, while egg 2 needs a little more time at about three days and 18 hours.

We're excited to see these little babies pop from their eggs and join the Southwest Florida eagle population in hopes that they will continue to soar across our sunny skies.

For more information about Harriet, her eaglets to come and additional camera angles, check out the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam's website here.

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