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You Can Earn Rewards For Answering Questions Thanks To This First-Ever Canadian Survey App

We're talking cash, gift cards, Air Miles, and more.

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Opinions: we all have them. Whether it's about the service at your favourite cafe or the quality of new products on the market, chances are, you have some thoughts to share. You deserve to be heard but, let's be real, you can't exactly shout these ideas from the rooftops (opinions are personal, after all).

And, of course, it's about more than just being heard. It's about knowing those opinions count — that your thoughts affect real change in the world. Thankfully, with Leger's new LEO survey app, this is easier than ever.

Not only does this first-ever survey app let you add in your proverbial two cents, but it also gives you rewards for sharing your honest opinion! Yes, you heard that right: rewards for your unvarnished thoughts.

You might've heard of Leger before. They got famous back in '04 after developing a massive internet panel for users to earn rewards for taking surveys online. Propelled by this refreshing mix of honesty and incentive, they became the largest Canada-owned survey and market research company. 

But they didn't stop there. We all know that nowadays smartphones rule the world. So, to keep up with the trend, Leger just launched the LEO survey app (now available in Canada and the USA).

This awesome new development lets you join a community of over 400,000 members and answer surveys on all sorts of interesting topics. Better yet, by sharing your thoughts (anonymously, of course), you earn cool rewards like cash, Air Miles, Aeroplan miles, gift cards, and more. Choose from a wide range of topics, confidentially share your two cents, and just watch the rewards roll in!

Looking for even more opportunities to give some feedback? The new LEO app is so much more than just surveys. Check out the Love, Hate, Rate section. It gives you a chance to share your thoughts on everything from services to brands to products.

No censorship. Complete anonymity. And plenty of rewards. What could be better? Oh yeah — a chance to win cool prizes with monthly contests! Make your opinion count while making your commute a whole lot more enjoyable with this exciting new app.

So, what are you waiting for? This app just launched on the AppStore and Google Play. It's totally free to download and use, plus when you apply the promo code NARCITY, you get an extra 2,000 LEO points. It's never been easier to have your opinions make an impact. 

Canadian Launch of LEO Survey App 

Price: Free to download & use. Get 2,000 LEO points with promo code NARCITY. 

Where: Click here to download the app on the AppStore or Google Play.

When: Available now!

Why You Need It: Earn awesome rewards like cash and Air Miles by giving your opinion on topics you care about.

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