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Easter Oreos  In Canada Just Hit The Shelves & They Are So Pink

Spring might not have arrived yet, but Easter Oreos in Canada have just hit the shelves in some stores. That's right; there is a brand new limited edition variety you are going to want to try. Not only do they come in a cute egg shape, but they are pink too!

Right now is such an exciting time if you love the classic chocolate cookie with white cream filling.

Plus, in Canada, we recently got a pop-up shop in Toronto where you could enjoy the brand's newest flavours.

The latest Easter version has recently been spotted at Dollarama by @canadianjunkfoodfinder and @junkfoodjunction.

To get your hands on yours, you might to do a bit of searching as not all retailers have them in stock yet. 

For 2020, the egg-shaped treats have a brand new look. Last year, they were the classic chocolate cookie with a purple cream filling.

This year, the limited-edition dessert will have an eye-catching pink hue. There is no unique taste; it is just a coloured Golden Oreos so expect a sweet vanilla flavour. 

They also will be ditching the purple frosting for the classic original cream filling everyone loves.

They will also be adding a new design. In 2019 there were four different ones, but on the latest packaging, it advertises five.

Still, the additional design isn't anything to get too excited about. The only change is one of the five cookies will now have the standard logo.

But the good news is all the favourites from last year will return. There will be two geometric patterns (polka dots and zig-zag) and two animal designs (a chick with bunny ears and rabbit).

Easter Oreos

Price: 💸

Where: Various retailers across Canada that typically sell Oreos

Why You Need To Go: You'll want to try these limited-edition pink cookies before they are gone forever.

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