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Easy Hike In Georgia Leads To A 50-Foot Double Waterfall

The Appalachian trail is one of the longest and most renowned trails in the world and we are blessed that a good bit of it runs through Georgia. Hidden in the massive 2,200-mile trail lies lush green forest, serene creeks, secret waterfalls and natural pools. This easy hike in Georgia is a short two-mile journey leading to a beautiful waterfall that cascades into a deep blue pool.

Long Creek Falls is an awe-striking double-tiered waterfall that rushes over a towering 50-foot drop. There are only a few waterfalls hiding in the crevices of the southern part of the Appalachian Trail and Long Creek Falls marks one of them. You can access the trailhead at Three Forks USFS 58 4.3, only two hours from Atlanta.

Long Creek flows to the left of the trail, providing a scenic and equally calming venture accompanied by rushing water over a colorfully-graveled creek bed. The hike follows two famous trails: the white rectangle-blazed Appalachian Trail and the white diamond-blazed Benton MacKaye Trail, both which mark the path to the falls.

Keep your eye out when you reach the 0.8 mile mark, which  indicates an important intersection. Follow the blue-blazed trail north to Long Creek Falls.

The alternate route continues on the 2,200 stretch all the way up to Maine (we don't think you want to go that far). Although this hike may not be as short as other gorgeous Georgia hikes, the roundtrip journey at just under two miles is still easy and definitely worthwhile. 

When you arrive at the falls, you will see a two-tiered boulder with stream water rushing down 50 feet from above. It's a beautiful sight to see and perhaps the true golden ticket is the deep, calm pool that sits beneath the rushing water flow. You may get sticky and sweaty on your journey so taking a quick, cleansing dip is the ideal reward for your hard work. 

During the fall, the surrounding rock will be sprinkled with vibrant autumn leaves from the sky-high hemlock trees, making this hike a perfect fall adventure. The dark green rhododendrons, which are lush all year around, frame the falls as they drop from the cliff.

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Long Creek Falls

Price: Free

Address: Three Forks USFS 58 4.3, Appalachian Trail, Blue Ridge, GA 30513

Why You Need To Go: Explore rare hidden waterfalls on a short and easy hike through one of the world's most amazing trails.