The Pacific Northwest is full of natural wonders — you can never know what you'll find next and where. If you're looking for some of the best, most secluded sights on an easy hike in Washington, consider this trail. It'll not only take you to the bluest waters that'll remind you of Hawaii but hidden coves that you can explore too!

This gem has been hiding in plain sight all along. Nestled in the Deception Pass State Park, the Lighthouse Point via Bowman Bay/Rosario Beach Trail is an easy 2.4-mile hike. 

You'll need a $10/day Discover Pass that you can get from automated machines and drop boxes where you park.

Your journey will begin at the Bowman Bay parking lot in Fidalgo Islands that'll take you through a fishing pier, two-sided beaches, and small cliffs. 

The trail is filled with white flowers in spring and tempting, red berries during fall. It then loops around a towering lighthouse with gorgeous views of the Deception Pass bridge, the San Juan Islands and Rosario Strait.

It's breathtaking, to say the least.

During low tides, you can reportedly walk from the beach near the parking lot to the beach that leads to Lighthouse Point too. Won't that be an adventure?

We recommend heading out here on a sunny day to see the blue skies bring out the turquoise-green waters.

Don't forget your binoculars though because you'll also be able to spot several harbor seals sunbathing on the exotic cliffs of Puget Sound.

About 0.5 miles on your way back, you'll come to the remote Rosario Beach that's perfect to unpack a relaxing picnic on one of the many rustic tables dotting the area.

Make sure to watch your step though as this trail takes you along the cliffs.

We understand if you'll never want to leave this spot. That's why the state park even has a cabin on this remote island that you can rent for only $69!

It's starting to sound a lot like summer now, doesn't it? 

Lighthouse Point via Bowman Bay/Rosario Beach Trail

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 2.6 miles (approx 5-mile roundtrip)

Location: 41020 WA-20, Oak Harbor, WA

Why You Should Go: This easy hike along the cliffs will take you to the bluest water you’ve ever seen in real life. 


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