Working in a nightclub for years will really throw off your eating schedule. More often than not, I found myself finishing my shift at 3 AM, and all I could think about was FOOD!

The question on the minds of clubgoers, night owls, midnight foodies, and late-night workers alike is always, "Which restaurants are open this late?" 

Well, I've got the answer. Check out these 15 best spots in Vancouver to cure your midnight munchies.

Lucy’s Eastside Diner, 2708 Main St

Open 24 hours

The ultimate 24-hour diner. Once the clubs shut down, this place is packed with people until about 3 AM. Since it's only a short cab ride from downtown, Lucy's has been a local favorite for years. Plus, they'll put fried chicken on anything for $5. And, I mean, have you ever heard of anything better than Pulled Pork Pancakes to soak up your cocktails?

The Naam, 2724 W 4th Ave

24 hours

As far as eating after midnight goes, The Naam is probably one of the healthiest options. This place is always busy, but it's no wonder, because the food is totally delicious. Being so close to UBC, it makes for a great late-night study break for students pulling all-nighters. Also, they've got tons of yummy vegan and vegetarian choices.

Breka Bakery & Café, 818 Bute St, 855 Davie St, 6533 Fraser St, 3750 W 4th Ave, and 821 Denman St

24 hours

With five convenient locations, and two of them being downtown, I might need to make this my new 4 AM spot to cure any sweet cravings. Although it appears to be mostly baked goods and pastries, their paninis are where it's at.

Duffin's Donuts, 1391 E 41st Ave

24 hours

If I could bring my bed to Duffin's, I'd live there full time. If you have ever been to this iconic spot, you know what I'm talking about. Yes, they have amazing donuts. But the fried chicken and Vietnamese subs are what's really worth the $15 cab ride out there from downtown.

Truong Thanh Restaurant, 2096 Kingsway

4 AM/6 AM

If you're headed back to East Van after the bar, this is a great Vietnamese spot to slurp down some hot pho. Open late every day, it's less crowded than Pho Extreme - but just as delicious.

Tsui Hang Village, 1193 Granville St

12 AM/1:30 AM

Vancouver's most famous late-night Chinese spot. Because of its great location on Granville, it's generally the first choice of many hungry clubgoers that just can't eat another slice of pizza. And I don't blame them. I also heard years ago that apparently if you ask for "Special Tea," they'll serve you beer in a teapot. It's worth a shot!

Roxy Burger, 910 Granville St

4 AM

Classic pub-style food, you really can't go wrong at Roxy Burger. This is my favorite spot when I'm craving anything deep fried after a night of drinking. Chicken burger with a side of onion rings - that's my jam!

Pho Extreme Xe Lua, 457 W Broadway

4 AM/5 AM

Another healthier option and one of my personal fav 4 AM food spots. Nothing like an avocado shake and some vermicelli after a long night of drinking to help sober you up. Make sure you don't spend all your money at the bar because this spot is cash only.

Mean Poutine, 718 Nelson St

4 AM

I know how much y'all love poutine, so this spot had to make the list. If you find yourself in the heart of downtown, and you're dying for those cheese-covered, gravy-smothered fries, this is a must!

Fire Pizza, 1918 Commercial Dr

3 AM/4 AM

As far as late-night pizza by the slice goes, this is basically my favourite place. It's not often I'll make the commute for a slice since Vancouver is riddled with bad pizza joints, but Fire Pizza is famous for their unique, specialty pies - and that makes them an exception. If you live near the Drive, you probably go here often.

Fritz, 718 Davie St

2 AM/2:30 AM/4 AM

Got an unshakeable hankering for some damn good fries at 2 AM? This resto's got your back, every time - just make sure to order correctly: "fritz," not "fries." Did I mention they also have bomb, fully loaded poutines?

Donair Dude, 1172 Davie St

1 AM/2 AM/4 AM

A quick walk up Davie Street is totally worth it for this top-notch donair. The only donair spot open this late downtown, and it's friggen delicious! My personal fav is the beef donair with all the toppings.

House of Dosas, 1391 Kingsway

3 AM

Serving up some of the best South Indian food in Vancouver, this spot has nothing but rave reviews online. Their huge dosas aren't only delicious, they'll also have your Instgram followers asking WTF?!

PiDGiN, 350 Carrall St.

12 AM

Looking for a more stylish late-night choice? This Asian-fusion restaurant's French-inspired takes on dishes, plus its creative craft cocktails, are right up your alley. 

Congee Noodle House, 141 E Broadway

1 AM/2 AM

Another cash-only spot, so be sure to hit the ATM on the way. A great place when you're craving some traditional Hong Kong-style noodles after midnight. The pork and century egg congee is what's up!

All research done in this article is by the author. Restaurants never pay to be featured on Narcity's "Best Of" lists; furthermore, this list represents a showcase of great spots, and is not a numbered ranking.

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