We've been patiently waiting for Fufú Café to open their doors for months and the wait is finally over. You're about to be able to get the best soufflé pancakes in Vancouver at the adorable Fufú Café when they officially open tomorrow on Saturday, Sept. 7 at 11 a.m. We bet this place will have a line out the door on opening weekend when they offer free pancakes to the first 50 people and half-off pancakes for the rest of the day.

From the bright, Parisian-inspired interior and marble tables to the gorgeous dried flower installation by the entrance, Fufú Café will take your breath away in more ways than one. Their wobbly, jiggly, light-as-a-cloud pancakes are going to be your new favourite treat this fall. 

Whether you want to go to Fufú Café to support a locally female-owned business, or just for the Instagram-worthy interiors and jiggly pancakes, this is going to be your new favourite hang-out spot guaranteed. Each order of pancakes takes 15 minutes to cook fresh and you can even watch them puff up on the grill through the windows that look into the kitchen. Just, please, don't press your nose against the glass.

Plus, when they launch their full brunch menu close to the end of September, you'll also be able to try savoury pancakes. We're talking life-changing eggs benedict soufflé pancakes. Made with locally-sourced seasonal ingredients whenever possible and featuring a selection of Remi Patisserie treats, the Paris-meets-Asia dessert possibilities here are endless.

Here are seven outrageously delicious soufflé pancakes you can get at Fufú Café when they officially open tomorrow:

Mixed Fruit Soufflé Pancake

Light, fruity and refreshing, this dish is made to share with your friends. There's lots of whipped cream to go around.

Tapioca Pearl Milk Tea Soufflé Pancake

The most eye-catching dish on this list comes served with Earl Grey milk tea sauce and tapioca bubble tea pearls.

Tiramisu Soufflé Pancake

Available on a rotating weekly schedule, this dish combines two of your most favourite desserts into one.

Lemon Crème Brûlée Soufflé Pancake

Available on a rotating weekly schedule, these pancakes are stacked with lemon yoghurt ice cream and house-made lemon crème brûlée sauce.

Matcha Mochi Soufflé Pancake

Intense flavours of chocolate and matcha combine to make this dish one for serious foodies and matcha-lovers.

Smoked Salmon & Avocado Soufflé Pancake

Available later this fall, this savoury brunch dish is almost too pretty to eat.


Eggs Benedict Soufflé Pancake

Available later this fall, we already want to line up for this jaw-dropping combo of soufflé pancake with poached eggs and hollandaise.

Fufú Café

Price: 💸💸

When: Grand opening on Saturday, Sept. 7 at 11 a.m.

Address: 1266 West Broadway, Vancouver

Why You Need To Go: Taste delicious sweet and savour, jiggly and wobbly soufflé pancakes at this adorable Parisian-inspired spot!

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