Planning a date can be stressful especially when you want to find the perfect restaurant to wow your date with. But don't worry, we've got you covered. The best date night restaurants in Canada are here just in time for cuffing season. So as the weather gets colder, heat up your dating life with a warm meal at a great restaurant. 

OpenTable has just released a list of the 50 best restaurants for a date in Canada to give Canadians a leg up when it comes to the dating game. The list features restaurants from nine provinces that are the best for dates. 

"Given the added stress daters face when looking for the right restaurant, we wanted to create a go-to list that offers a restaurant for any date - whether it's your first or one-thousandth," said Anna Besse, director of marketing at OpenTable, in a press release

To get figure out what restaurants in Canada are the best for dates, OpenTable looked solely at customer reviews. 

From September 2018 to August 2019, OpenTable looked at restaurants that had a good amount of reviews and had good overall ratings. Then those restaurants were scored according to how many reviews they had with the tags "GoodForDates" or "Good for a Date" in relation to their total number of reviews. So you can rest assured that these restaurants on the list really are good for date night. 

It's especially good to be dating in Ontario. According to OpenTable's list of the best restaurants, Ontario has the most spots on the list out of any province with 34 restaurants taking up spots in the top 50. 

Following after Ontario, Alberta has 11 restaurants on the list and B.C. has eight. Manitoba has six restaurants and Quebec and New Brunswick both have two.

Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland all only have one restaurant featured on the list. 

OpenTable recently partnered with dating app Hinge to create a Date Night Matchmaker to relieve the stress that comes with finding a good restaurant when planning dates. 

A new survey commissioned by OpenTable shows that 86 percent of Canadians feel some stress when trying to find a restaruant for a date. 

So this handy list of the 50 best restaurants in Canada for a date is sure to help. And the list has a great variety of places to eat from steakhouses to Italian restaurants to bistros to farm-to-table spots. 

It's not just the restaurant that can make or break a date.

OpenTable's dating survey also found that 58 percent of Canadians think political discussions shouldn't happen on a date and 65 percent think you should avoid talking about an ex. 

So not only do you need to find great restaurants, you might need to come up with some talking points too. It also seems that Canadians like having that classic Lady and the Tramp moment. Of the 40 percent of Canadians who said they would kiss on the first date, the majority of them love Italian food. 


This list comes out just in time for "cuffing season." According to Urban Dictionary, cuffing season comes during the fall & winter months. This is a time when people who are typically single tend to get more lonely and want someone to date or be "cuffed" to. 

As OpenTable says in their release, "Cuffing season is upon us." 


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