It happens to all of us at one time or another. We know we're craving ice cream but we just don't know what flavour. So we head out to our nearest Dairy Queen hoping we'll make up our minds when we get to the front of the line but we just can't decide! 

That's where Dairy Queen's all-new Blizzard Treat Flights come in and we're so excited to try them! I know you've all got at least 3 Blizzard flavours you absolutely love so now you don't have to choose between them when you hit up DQ this summer, you can get them all on one tray!

For a limited time only this May you can head to the nearest participating Dairy Queen across Canada and choose your top 3 flavours in a Blizzard Treat Flight! All the blizzards will be mini sized and any flavour can be chosen from the menu. 

They also announced a bunch of delicious new flavours for the summer that will also be available to add to your treat flight. These flavours include Caramel Cannonball, Oreo Cookie Jar, Brownie Dough, S'mores, Cotton Candy, and Summer Berry.

But Blizzard Treat Flights and brand new flavours aren't the only innovations Dairy Queen has on the menu this summer. They are also now offering their DQ Cupfections in the flavours Brownie and Oreo. It's basically a sundae with vanilla ice cream, brownie or Oreo toppings, chocolate sauce and marshmallows!

If this isn't making you drool, I don't know what will! Head to your nearest Dairy Queen to start trying all these amazing sweet treats. 




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