McDonald's Canada is upgrading their classic beef burgers and people will be able to try them as early as next week. Participating locations will now be using 100% Canadian beef patties cooked in smaller batches for an enhanced, fresher tasting burger. A McDonald's Canada new bun recipe has also been in the works and will be a warmer serving than customers are used to.

"These improvements will not only result in hotter, juicier and tastier burgers that are cooked to perfection, but also showcase our ongoing commitment to ensuring Canadians get the best burger every time they visit McDonald's," said Nicola Pitman, Director of Menu Innovation and Management at McDonald's Canada.

McDonald's Canada uses 100% Canadian beef primarily from Alberta and Saskatchewan, with little other ingredients other than seasoning. That means no artificial preservatives, fillers, colours, or flavours.

Onions will also be added directly to the patties on the grill, which will also naturally enhance flavour in the simplest way possible. Unspecified changes to produce storage have also been announced, which will make way for fresher and crispier produce. 

These revamped burgers will be available to try for just $3 each from Aug. 13 to 19, 2019 across the country. This will be done as an incentive to encourage people to try the newest innovation in beef from McDonald's. 

It looks like the mega-chain restaurant has been making moves toward a more sustainable way of mass-producing food by working as locally as possible to produce the best quality possible. Read more here about their Beef Sustainability initiative here

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