Harry Potter is the best fictional world ever created in our generation. Most of us grew up reading the books and obsessing over the movies so much so that our love for these characters has never gone away! 

There's a reason Harry Potter themed festivals, concerts, wizards brunch and more keep popping up all over Canada. About a month ago we announced that a new Harry Potter-themed brunch restaurant would be opening up near Toronto but they hadn't announced an official opening date yet. 

Now, the day is finally here because Lumos and Nox: Breakfast House & Chamber of Spirits is now open as of today!

The brand new brunch restaurant, Lumos and Nox: Breakfast House & Chamber of Spirits has opened up 105 Wyndham St N in Guelph, Ontario. It's just a short, 1-hour drive for Torontonians to make it out and it's totally worth the drive. 

They announced on Facebook that they have been secretly open to the public for 2 weeks now but just announced it to their followers today, April 17th for the official Grand Opening! You can head over today until 3:30 pm for their opening and try some of the amazing food on the menu.

They've only opened up for breakfast right now from 7 am until 3 pm every day but soon they'll be opening up in the evening and serving amazing themed cocktails! Everyone who visits today gets a free menu item for their table but it's a complete surprise until you ask your server.

Check out their Facebook page for more information! 


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