Have you ever gone to a Tim Hortons and ordered something only to be told that they didn't have what you wanted? That's happening to Canadians with English Breakfast tea. Tim Hortons English Breakfast tea not being available everywhere is freaking out Canadians. 

It's not unusual for stores to not always have every single item on the menu in stock every day of the year. But a bunch of Canadians are not pleased that they can't get their English Breakfast fix at some Tims locations. 

Canadians in Ontario, Quebec, Yukon, and Newfoundland are some of the ones freaking out about the lack of English Breakfast tea in their lives. The case of the missing tea has been going on for more than a year and people just want their English Breakfast back. 

And, of course, people took to Twitter to voice their displeasure and plead for the return of the tea. 

Last year, customers were even told that English Breakfast would be discontinued. 

One Reddit user was confused about the tea and posted that they "suddenly can't find it in any of the local Tim Hortons, or even sold online." 

English Breakfast is still mentioned on the Tim Hortons website under its specialty teas.

But the tea isn't available for purchase in the Tim Hortons online store. Though it does say that the tea is available at participating Tim Hortons restaurants. 

There is good news, however, for tea-loving Canadians. Tim Hortons confirmed to Narcity that "English Breakfast tea is still available at Tim Hortons restaurants nationally."

They also explained that stores have changed menu boards so while English Breakfast might not be visible on those boards, Tim Hortons says that the tea is still available for purchase across Canada. 

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