It might be heading towards the holidays but if you’re one of those people who protests Christmas lights before Thanksgiving and loves all things spooky, we’ve got a (trick or) treat for you. There is a Tim Burton themed restaurant in California with fun boozy drinks. 

Here, every day is Halloween and you can celebrate like it’s spook season year-round. Beetle House is a restaurant that pays tribute to all things dark and lovely through super-fun themed food and drinks. Here, you get dinner and a show. 

We could not find information on menu pricing. Narcity is reaching out to Beetle House Los Angeles for more information and will update the article soon. Reservations are not required to visit. 

Their menu has plenty of crazy cocktails to choose from so take your time and choose wisely. We love the "This Is Halloween" - A fireball-centered infusion of sour apple, pumpkin liqueur, and apple cider. 

If you’re more in the mood for something sweet, you can opt for their Chocolate Chocolate Martini whipped up with vanilla vodka, chocolate syrup, milk, and plenty of whipped cream. 

The appetizers and main courses are just as weird and mouth-watering. Think spicy wings glazed with Fanta orange soda, loaded three-cheese Cheshire Mac & Cheese, and buffalo style Franken Fries. If you came super hungry, try out their massive two-pound burger, the “Edward Burgerhands!”

The entire restaurant is decked out in fancy chandeliers, (fake) shrunken heads, and creepy tombstones. While you sip and munch, you can watch performers come right up to your table.

If you’ve ever wanted to meet Edward Scissorhands Willy Wonka or Jack Skellington, now’s your chance. Actors dressed in full costume will walk right up to you and roam around the restaurant. Chances are, you’re going to want to take plenty of pictures. 

It’s an ookey spooky good time! While you’re in Los Angeles, there are so many things to see and do nearby. You can also check out this new iconic donut shop for (a second) dessert. 

Beetle House: Los Angeles

Price: TBD

Hours:  Friday 5 PM–12:30 AM, Saturday 5 PM–2 AM, Sunday 5 PM–12 AM, Monday Closed, Tuesday Closed, Wednesday 5–11 PM, Thursday 5–10 PM

Location: 1714 N Las Palmas Ave, Los Angeles, California

Why You Should Go: You can meet all of your favorite Tim Burton movie characters IRL!


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