Most Miamians understand the power of a 'Cuban cortadito' early in the morning. For that reason, Cuban coffee has become a Miami ritual to get through the day. Suite Habana Cafe is a Cuban coffee shop serving coffee in a picturesque setting that will transport you straight to Havana without taking an airplane.

The moment you walk into Suite Habana Cafe you will notice the luxury pieces of furniture, Cuban motion picture art on the walls and an Instagram-worthy corner to relax and join a sip of 'colada'.

This cafe represents a Cuban paladar which is a small restaurant that can be found inside someone’s private home, especially in various cities around Cuba such as Habana, Camaguey and Cienfuegos.

Even with its foreign representation, the coffee shop keeps a local spirit with Miami’s best small food businesses in its shop. Here you will find Fufi Empanadas, Zak the Baker baked goods and coffee from Tu Café

Tu Café is a family-owned coffee brand based in Miami bringing tradition to the table with its gourmet Cuban-style espresso. Whether you are looking for a simple pick-me-up or a caffeine fix, this coffee shop has any Cuban coffee style you want such as cortadito or colada.

Suite Habana Cafe is not your typical coffee shop. Here, you can elevate your caffeine experience with a double cortado that will make you feel like you just arrived at Abuela's house.

Aside from their tasty coffee, Suite Habana Cafe serves delectable bites in gorgeous photogenic spots. The cafe is the perfect Instagram backdrop featuring Cuban tiles, trendy couches, and even their own piece of the Wynwood Walls with a mural of Cuban queen, Celia Cruz outside their front door.

Whether you have a work meeting or need a place to hide from the rain, Suite Habana Cafe is a place that will give you endless Instagrammable moments with rich Cuban coffee.

Suite Habana Cafe

Address: 2609 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127

Hours: Monday - Friday 8 am to 7 pm and Saturday - Sunday 9 am to 7 pm. 

Why you need to go: This Cuban coffee shop will transport you straight to Habana with their unique Cuban coffee style.


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