The fast-food chain known for its adorable square slider burgers is finally coming to the Sunshine State and will be here sooner than we thought. The first White Castle in Florida is slated for 2021 & will be among the company's largest.

The new fast food joint's location will stretch 4,500 square feet and is expected to park its spot at O-Town West in Orlando on Daryl Carter Parkway off of I-4.

Construction of the new chain restaurant will start in April of 2020, with the earliest expectation of a completed build by late 2020 early 2021. The Orlando Castle will be a triumphant return of the brand to Florida; in the 1960s, a White Castle was short-lived in Miami, closing after only 7 years in business.

While we Floridians have been able to taste the crave-able burgers by purchasing their original, chicken breast, veggie & black bean sliders at retail outlets, nothing compares to the real deal — and we're PUMPED to finally be able to get a taste!

The move into Florida follows the opening of a new location in Arizona. It's been a long time waiting for Floridian Fans that have begged for this moment since founding the Facebook group Bring White Castle to FloridaOur wildest dreams have finally come true.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, White Castle has more than 375 restaurants in 13 states & is known as America’s original fast-food restaurant — a true O.G.

The Florida location will bring that number to 14. The best part? The Orlando castle will be open 24 hours so you can get your grub on at the break of dawn or in the still of the muggy Florida night & it's about dang time!

In the meantime, we'll be impatiently waiting until 2020/2021 to live out our 'Harold & Kumar go to White Castle' dreams; we can't wait to see the new O-Town Castle as it begins to take shape.

An overview of the Orlando White Castle can be seen below.

If you can't wait to get your foodie fix at the castle, satisfy your cravings at this St. Pete spot that has mac n cheese topped sandwiches & boozy milkshakes, get a Flamin' Hot Cheeto stuffed Sushi-rito at this place near Miami, or eat dank nugs & fat subs at this stoner themed food joint in Sarasota.

White Castle Orlando

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Fast food, including iconic square burgs & sliders.

Address: Official Address TBA - it will be located at O-Town West in Orlando on Daryl Carter Parkway off of I-4.

Why You Need To Go: Finally, the Castle will come to Florida with their succulent sliders & satisfyingly greasy grub. As one of the chains largest locations, it's sure to be incredible.

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