With so many places to eat in Orlando, it can be hard to decide on dinner plans, well, that is until you hear about this! Unique dining experiences in Orlando cannot compare to the thrill of dining next to sharks at an 'underwater' restaurant. 

We’ve all been there. Perhaps encouraged by a little liquid confidence, you see the Youtube video: a seemingly fearless adventurer drives into a steel cage afloat in the ocean, separated by mere inches from rows of murderous shark teeth seething around him.

You watch and decide, I could do that! Maybe you even go so far as to google places near me. Maybe you even open a website or two. Maybe you even make a phone call.

Inevitably, however, that stab of bravery is fleeting, and you’re left with an empty sense of “well…I would, but…” But it’s terrifying. It’s slightly ridiculous. It’s definitely crazy.

But you know what? You can grab an even cooler, and safer, selfie with a shark in an environment much better fitted to your comfort level at Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar.

Orlando has no shortage of bizarre and awesomely themed eateries, so it should come as no surprise that an underwater restaurant makes the list, too.

The restaurant is located in SeaWorld, but no park admission is required. This full-service restaurant offers delicious entrees and a view you could only dream of if you were about ten years younger with no sense of self-preservation.

Reservations are highly recommended, as priority seating next to the stars of the restaurant is reserved for those who order their tickets online.

Even if you don’t end up right by the glass, the rest of the establishment is nothing to sniff at. By countertop of the bar is a smaller aquarium itself, housing clownfish, tiny stingrays, and more swimming right beneath your drink.

The food comes highly praised, and if you go with priority seating, you can even get a three-course meal for $35. $1 from each meal will go towards a local charity.

So yeah, all around, much more satisfying to the eyes, and stomach, then just jumping straight in the water with sharks!

Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar

Price: varies per dish; no park admission needed

Address: Seaworld Orlando 

Why You Need To Go: Get awesome food, an awesome view, and awesome pictures with zero risk of getting bitten!

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