Sipping on a mimosa in the tub - sounds like the perfect Sunday to us, but we don't have an antique tub and eclectic decor to really set a mood. There's a bar in Tampa that brings that image to their vibe - and it's actually super chic.

Mandarin Heights in Tampa creates a super cool vibe at their bar with neon lights, bold colors, and eclectic decor - but somehow it just WORKS. They have so many feature walls and places for you to stop and really have a unique image for your Insta-feed. They range in obscurity from a wall of birdcages to an antique bathtub in front of a wall of grass and a queen flamingo. People are sure to ask where you're at.

Words can't even do this place justice. Check out the vibe of Mandarin Heights below:

Oh, and you can bring your dog and get them a puppy cocktail ~

According to their website, Mandarin Heights see themselves as 'stewards of the cocktail culture' and really pride themselves on their classic drinks; but they're always seeking to create something new. Every Tuesday they curate a new menu featuring the spoils of their efforts so you're always going to have something new to try - like one drink they deem "The Early Bird", and it came in the cutest bird cup.

You can get Tipsy in the Tub Thursday through Saturday from 5 pm to 3 am; on Sundays, they're open 12 pm - 3 am.

Mandarin Heights is also known to throw Ladies Nights that they call Ladies 'Heights'. They have one coming up on Thursday 4/25 for drink specials from 5:30 pm - 9 pm, and $5 mules all night long.

If you're ready for some of the best drinks in Tampa and a photo in the iconic tub, Mandarin Heights is located at 5901 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33604.

For more photos or to learn more about Mandarin Heights, check their website here.

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