If you had to choose between candy, cheesecake, a milkshake, or a pastry as a dessert which one would you choose? We know, it is an impossible decision and this Atlanta sweet shop won’t make you pick just one, they will let you have it all. Cheesecaked is not your average shop, so get ready for a sweets overload.

When you walk into Cheesecaked, you will be greeted by an aroma of sweets and sugar. The case that holds all the cheesecake goodness will glare into your eyes, making it very difficult to just pick one flavor of mini cheesecake.

Do not let the name fool you, they serve up more than just your regular cheesecake. You might see people sipping on insane milkshakes that look way too pretty to eat (or drink?).

Reviews on their Facebook page are raving about the staff and how great they are. They really take the time to make sure your milkshake is pretty, yet delicious, along with anything else you order.

The owner, Shawn Brown, even makes her rounds to her customers to make sure they are enjoying “getting cheesecaked.”

Pictures do not even give these tasty creations justice. The milkshake toppings are piled high and are not your normal add-ons.

You can expect candy, cookies, cake, cheesecake bars, and a whole lot of whipped cream on the top of these things. The calories are so worth it.

On the menu, you will find things like a Fruity Pebble milkshake with a Fruity Pebble rim, a Red Velvet milkshake with a piece of cake on top, and many more flavors to choose from.

Their most popular flavors are the Unicon and Shakin' The Cookie Jar. 

The Unicorn milkshake is every girl's dream. The outside of the cup is covered in colorful sprinkles and the top of the shake has an edible unicorn head, rainbow candy, cotton candy, extra-large marshmallow, a lollypop, and a cheesecake bar. Did we mention that it is just what is on the top?

With any milkshake, you can pick any flavor ice cream you want in it. 

The "small" is $8 to $10 and the large (ginormous) is $12. 

The milkshakes are not the only thing this sweet shop has. It offers mini cheesecakes as well.

Flavors range from Honeybun to Cup of Cocoa. Check out all of the shop's unique flavors ($5.75 each), here

If you would prefer a full cheesecake to indulge in, in the privacy of your own home, the prices start at $40 and you can get three different sizes: 6 inches, 9 inches, or 10 inches. 

Another unique item on the menu, indefinitely thank goodness, is the Unicorn Grilled Cheese. Yes...unicorn. 

This colorful sandwich might just be too pretty to eat. It is filled with a rainbow of Mozzarella, Gruyere, and Swiss cheeses that come together to be stringy and melted goodnesses.

When you decide to visit, make sure you come with an empty stomach, and maybe a shirt you don't care about getting a little dirty. 

You can find Cheesecaked at 720 Morosgo Dr. NE #110, Atlanta, GA 30324 and it is open most days from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


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