Summer is technically still here, but let's be real, we love ice cream and sweets at all times of the year. There are a bunch of ice cream shops in Georgia too, and luckily this is one of those decisions where you don't have to choose a particular fave . Each shop has its own unique, signature ice cream flavor, and this new ice cream shop in Atlanta has a super cool flavor that's a bit surprising to say the least. 

Queen of Cream got its humble beginnings as a push cart in 2014 and worked its way to its first brick-and-mortar in 2015. They actually have a simiar story to the much loved Slutty Vegan which also started as a cart-to-restaurant right here in Atlanta. At first glance, the Old Fourth Ward location can be easily missed if you're driving by. The building has a vintage look and doesn't look like its build for 2019, which makes it pretty cool.

Despite its outside views, the older location and now a new location in the Ponce area, has a very updated a modern look on the interior. Plaza on Ponce on Cleburne Terrace is full of amazing eateries, but this ice cream shop has something a little different than the rest. 

Queen of Creams only has eight classic flavors and also changes out speciality flavors every month. For September, the seasonal flavors are S'mores, Tres Leches Cakes, Mango Coconut and Persian Road (Saffron, Rose and Pistachio Baklava). Out of all these flavors, the one that gets people turning their heads is the Black Pearl.

Most people would think this deliciousness is made with activated charcoal, a very popular flavor amongst millennials who want to feel a bit more goth. Surprisingly, the mystery flavor is coconut ash, which is made from burning the shell of a young coconut. If coconut is a flavor you enjoy, then seeing black instead of white on your cone will be a fun new experience.

Definitely checkout Queen of Cream when you get a chance to get tripped out the pitch black flavor. You can also find new and fun flavors and colors at this small ice shop in Atlanta


Queen of Cream

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Ice Cream

Address: 701 Highland Ave NE, STE #1, Atlanta, GA 30312

Why You Need To Go: The black ice cream is a fun mystery flavor people have to try. Plus the other flavors are

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