There are countless places that put creative twists on the bite-size sushi rolls, but sometimes it's hard to know if you're really getting the freshest, most authentic ingredients. Even if you are eating at a super upscale spot, you're most likely going to clear out your wallet. There's a solution to that because this sushi bar in New Orleans is real, fresh and unbelievably cheap.

You'll get the full package at New Orleans' Daiwa Sushi Bar, which offers a sleek design with modern ambience for a high-class experience, without the high-class price. Daiwa was established in a private spot at a Marrero strip mall in 2011 to fulfill their passion of providing creative, genuine and carefully-crafted sushi that is mind-blowingly delish. They now have a second location in Metaire that opened earlier this year.

Daiwa really pours their heart and soul into the menu, offering over 100 types of sushi. It's okay, we'd have a hard time deciding too. Daiwa supports all spending levels, so whether you just got paid and want to ball out or your bank account is nearing negative, there's something for you.

Daiwa actually flies some of their ingredients (including fish) in from Japan so you know you're getting a real and fresh catch. Delectable options like the Crunchy Dynamite roll (tuna, salmon, white fish, spicy sauce and crunchy) and the BBQ Eel roll (BBQ eel, cucumber, avocado, smelt roe and eel sauce) only cost $5 to $6. Over 45 sushi varietes fall under this price range (some even go as low as $4).

If you're a big spender and want to try the specialty rolls, it's worth scoping out options like the loaded Ragin' Cajun roll with fried crab stick, avocado, asparagus, crawfish, fried jalapenos, cream cheese, spicy sauce, Cajun peppered yellow tail, green onions and spicy ponzu sauce.

Wash down your meal with nearly as many alcohol options as there are sushi options, including lychee martinis and raspberry flavored Purple Haze sake. 

Speaking of booze, have you tried this gigantic 3-gallon Hurricane in NOLA yet? If that seems like a bit much, you at least have to try this spicy Bloody Mary topped with a whole fried soft crab.


Daiwa Sushi Bar

Price: $5-$20

Cuisine: Japanese

Address: Marrero & Metaire

Why You Need To Go: To get fresh, quality sushi for a super affordable price. Need we say more?


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